Root Canal Treatment

There is nothing like your natural teeth. In Dr. Joseph Ghrayeb polyclinic located in Dubai we value and appreciate root canal treatments and use all possible treatment techniques to retain your natural tooth. At Dr. Joseph Ghrayeb we are equipped with the best and latest equipment’s to facilitate predictable treatment outcomes. We strive to deliver high standard of care in root canal treatment by using rubber dam and magnification.

If a tooth had been traumatized or If a tooth has cavity that has reached the pulp (Nerve) usually there is either root canal treatment or extraction as an option to relieve pain and/or remove the infection.

Root canal treatment involves accessing the tooth pulp and cleaning the canals with anti-bacterial irrigation solutions and shaping them to be able to fill them. 

The treatment could be performed in one or multiple visit depending on the extent of the infection.

Most of root canal treatment requires removal of considerable amount of tooth structure, which requires crowning at a later stage of treatment.


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